Who to trust?

June 4, 2016 Associated Press

Many people do not know who to trust when it comes to replacing dentures. It is often a difficult decision to make. Do you go to your family dentist or see a denturist? Which practitioner is best suited for your denture needs?

A dentist is a highly skilled dental professional that specializes in diagnosing and treatment of the natural teeth and the surrounding structures. Dentists help to keep your natural teeth in the best possible shape using methods of preventative and restorative dentistry, and perform dental surgeries to keep your mouth healthy.

A denturist is a dental provider that is solely trained and licensed to specialize in the field of dentures. Denturists use the best materials and techniques to fabricate, reline, repair your dentures and have a fully equipped denture lab on-site to provide top service.  In the case of a denturist, both clinical and technical aspects of creating your dentures are looked after by the same provider.

Dentists and denturists work in the same field of dentistry, but have different specialities. Having extensive medical knowledge, your dentist can assist you with optimal dental health.  While your denturist is trained in the practical aspect of denture fabrication, and offers a custom, affordable solution for your denture needs.

It is to your advantage to see both, a dentist and a denturist. You can enjoy the highest comprehensive level of dental care from both providers.

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